Clover Club – the fruity-sour seduction

Who doesn’t love the fruity-sour raspberry? Whether fresh or frozen, as ice cream or sauce, especially on warm days we can’t get enough of it. So why not enjoy it in combination with a glass of gin? The preparation of this delicious drink is extremely simple, but all the more aromatic in taste!

What kind of gin do you use for this cocktail?

Basically every gin is suitable for the Clover Club. So it all depends on your taste preferences which type goes into the cocktail. If the Clover Club is to become traditional, a dry gin with a strong juniper note is recommended. If you like it fruity, you prefer a berry gin such as Brockmans. You can’t do anything wrong with a citrus-heavy gin. Acidity, bitter aroma and the sweetness of the berries will give you the perfect clover taste! Possible gins are Malfy Gin, By the Dutch Dry Gin, the Gin Sul or Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin.
You don’t need a tonic water, but lemon juice and raspberry syrup.

How to set up a really good Clover Club?

Ingredients Clover Club:

6 cl gin
3 cl lemon juice
2 cl raspberry syrup
3 raspberries
1 egg white

Preparation Clover Club:

  1. The raspberries must be crushed well.
  2. All ingredients are put into a shaker together with some ice cream and the crushed raspberries.
  3. Some times strong shaken.
  4. Through the raspberry seeds the mixture must now be passed through a sieve, but of course you remove the ice.
  5. Now the cocktail is shaked again without ice.
  6. Fill the drink into a cooled glass.
  7. Garnish with fresh raspberries and enjoy!

There are many prescription suggestions, why exactly this preparation?

The ingredients don’t differ, they agree. Gin, egg white, raspberry syrup, lemon and egg white must end up in the glass. There is a need for discussion about raspberry syrup. The colour as well as the consistency and the taste can destroy a Clover Club faster than you think. Too sweet? Doesn’t go well with gin? Too berry? Then there is no need for fresh raspberries. Colour too strong? Can appear unnatural. In order to be able to use the perfect raspberry syrup, here comes the tip that even experienced bartenders swear by: Mix homemade raspberry syrup with raspberry spirit. The raspberry brandy can of course be bought, you make the syrup as follows:

Take raspberries and sugar in equal proportions by weight, then crush raspberries into mush beforehand. Boil both with water (at 500g sugar and 500g raspberries about 250ml), a dash of lemon juice and a teaspoon of vanilla sugar in a frying pan until the sugar is dissolved and the whole thing thickens slightly. Then pass through a filter cloth and allow to cool. Now add 2cl raspberry spirit and use the mix for your Clover Club.

By using freshly made raspberry syrup your cocktail automatically gets a beautiful, natural looking colour. By the way, if you like it very berry, you can also omit the raspberry spirit. The drink is very fruity, which loosens up the spirit a bit.

No matter whether with or without raspberry brandy, a true Clover Club should every gin fan already once tasted or even prepared!

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